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Seattle to Portland Road trip!

A little over a month ago, I had the opportunity to see the West Coast for the first time in my life. This was thanks to a friend from high school who asked me to photograph his wedding in Edmonds, WA. Coincidentally, my former college roommate and I have always talked about seeing this part of the USA and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to plan a road trip as Portland, OR has been on our bucket list for quite some time.

So here's what we learned: Planning a trip as two adult goal-getters is more difficult than you might think. Your schedules don't match, you've got unexpected things that come up that you have to pay for (like photo equipment, or moving your whole life to Miami in a few months). Also you might want to cram in EVERYTHING. Moral of the story? BOOK IT. Make it happen. Going with the flow is everything. Be spontaneous and enjoy the ride. Some of the most fun we had was in discovering the unexpected on this trip; like the unexpected double rainbow we drove through after bouts of scattered rain showers.

Anyway to start off our trip, we checked in to Boston Logan super early. We may or may not have needed to do this as we soon found out there was basically nothing to do in our terminal. But we enjoyed ourselves none the less with the luxury of beer and funny podcasts.

On the plane, Rachel sat next to your classic angry white male who seemed to have a problem with the flight attendant and wouldn't stop dropping f-bombs. My favorite was watching Rach go "yeah, uhuh, right" when talking to him and looking over at me like "WTH?". It always amazes me how when people fly they can lose all sense of logic. I can't tell if it's anxiety....or IBS....or what.

The flight from Boston to Seattle was about 4 hours. We'd booked a Motel 6:

near the Seattle airport which I must say truthfully impressed me @ a cool $100.00 per night. The bed was comfortable and the shower was clean. The next morning we saw palm trees in Seattle? We rented our car, skipped out on the insurance (which had me kinda nervous but worked out fine), and jetted out to Oregon.

First stop: Astoria. This is where the Goonies was filmed. It's adorable.

We discovered this small art gallery first with the neatest upcycled art pictured below:

The fish above is made from tuna cans. Our biggest impression from this part of the USA was the care for environment. It seems like the infrastructure is all centered around the environment. That really impressed me. Can you tell how happy this gallery made us?!

After the gallery, we were off to the best view point ever - the Astoria Column. We were winded after a tall climb to the top, but it did not disappoint:

And our hair was taken by the wind:

We also met this kind Oregon native who told us all about Oregon's best hikes and you could just tell his passion about the state.

Next stop: Cannon Beach. And I quote Rachel: "You took me hear to see a giant rock?"

True...but so worth it.

We also found this up-side down tree trunk:

A hotel we pretended to stay at:

And some houses we would definitely like to own:

Also this pic was Rach's idea b/c she is obv a GENIUS:

Last but not least was Portland, OR; the long awaited destination. We got to our airbnb in Warren to find an eccentric, hippie, airbnb host with the cutest st. bernard ever and an indoor pool and hot tub. I wish I had gotten pictures of this place because it was truly amazing.

This host had us in stitches as she began to explain how amazing "plant sex" is. What an introduction - LOL. We were also lucky to avoid the deer that jumped out in front of our car on the way to this place.

We soon found out that brunch was actually a verb in Portland. We found the best brunch place ever:

with the greatest chai pancakes I have ever had - hands down. Everything is centered around coffee in Oregon. So while waiting in line, there is coffee outside for you to self-serve while in line and pay for later. There's even free coffee in some of the thrift shops. Which as a side note - were the coolest ever.

We also found the best name for a mattress shop:

Long story short, is that we highly recommend a roadtrip from Seattle, WA to Portland, OR as the two cities are too beautiful to summarize and the experience is like no other. We only had a few days to do this road trip, but would go back in a heart beat. It was the best girls' trip ever. What areas did we miss that we should check out next time? Comment down below!

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